Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors

Horsepower : 3 – 5000

Speeds : 3600-400 rpm

Design voltages : 190-7200 VAC/3Phase/50 or 60Hz

Enclosures : weather protected type I (WPI), weather protected type II (WPII), totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) and hazardous location

Efficiency levels : standard efficient, energy efficient and premium efficient

Solid and hollow shaft designs for use in agriculture, turf, municipal and industrial applications

Normal, medium, high and extra high thrust capacity motors are available


SEI carries VHS motors from 2 leading brands: North American Electric and US Motors. Designed primarily for deep well turbine pump applications. The coupling is equipped with a non-reverse ratchet, which prevents motor rotation from backspin at shutdown. These motors are built to NEMA standards and have special bearing arrangements to carry heavy thrust loads. Vertical hollow shaft motors can be tailored to a customer’s specific requirements, including customizing the bearing configurations, enclosures, energy efficiency ratings – and more. Because of our expansive inventory, you can get a customized stock motor with as little as three working days of lead time.



Meets or exceeds NEMA performance standards

Three Phase, 60 Hz

Enclosure: WP1 – Open weather-protected machine Type 1 to NEMA MG 1-1993 (WP-1).

Inverter Duty (10:1 variable torque)

Cast Iron Construction

Hi-Thrust Design

Precision Balancing

40° C ambient temperature

Class F insulation system, class B rise at full load

Class H impregnation resin

Class B Temperature Rise @ 1.15 Service Factor

Oversized angular contact bearing and ball bearing

Large oil bath reservoir on 324TP frame and up

Greaseable top bearings on 286TP frame and down

High Torque

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI Treatment) for all windings

Non-reverse coupling (ball bearing type) included

Suitable for Part Wind Start at 230V

Suitable for Part Wind Start at 460V as noted

Thermal Protected as standard

Space Heaters as standard

Lifting provisions included