Relief valve

Pressure Relief Valves

Recommended for all cold water system installations – to protect against damage to piping and pressure tanks.  PRV are set at 75 psi or 100 psi – adjustable from 75 to 150 psi.  PRV have a +/- 15% setting accuracy.


Chart Reflects 3/4″ Valve

NOTE: These valves are not T&P valves that are required with water heaters.  There is the same need for PRV on cold water pressure tanks.

NOTE: Merrill Manufacturing™ pressure relief valves may not reseat themselves after pressure relief.  Manual disassembly and reseating of valve may be required.  Repeated opening of a pressure relief valve is beyond intended use and voids warranty.

WARNING: All PRV, SSPRV, PRVNL, PRVHD and PRVHDNL valves must be set a minimum of 15 psi above the typical high of the water system pressure, so valve chatter or rapid open and close will not occur.  Valve chatter can cause failure of the valve and voids warranty.

NOTE: All PRV valves are field adjustable – but removing cap and turning internal disk down to increase pressure.  Field adjustment of valve voids warranty.

NOTE: Valve warranty void after change in adjustment due to possible error.

  • Can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions.
  • Merrill Manufacturing™ check and foot valves are individually boxed.