Vertical Line Shaft Turbines

Our products range from all components required for deep well pumps, irrigation pumps, sludge pumps spiral pump repairs, agricultural implements, threaded pipe fittings, adapters, reductions, check valves, among others.

In the machining area we have more than 30 CNC turnings capabilities up to 36 inches on center of turning and turn up CAT 50 in the machining center.

In the area of threaded pipe there are CNC machines 17 to 12 inches capacity.

The casting equipment involves induction furnaces to 600KW with automated molding lines.

The In-house Cast Iron and Bronze foundry helps us in the production of high quality castings at a competitive price. SEI has Bronze as well as 316SS impellers available according to your needs. The wide range of sizes and models are capable to meet every demand of pump industry.