Solar Pumps

Range of Performance

Maximum Flow: 110 GPM

Maximum Head: 1800 Ft

Power Range: ½ HP to 20 HP


Ambient temperature: 122°F

Liquid temperature: 32°F to +176°F

Water pH: 6.5 – 8

Sand content: 25g/m3

Highly energy efficient submersible solar water pump with energy efficient inverter duty motor

High efficiency solar photovoltaic panels with a service life of minimum 20 years

Robust design Galvanized steel mounting structure for long life

High technology automatic controller with dynamic MPPT(maximum power point tracking) control method.

The controller offers complete protection against under and over voltage and dry run protection for the pump

Highly efficient controller with a conversion efficiency of 98%

The controller is tropicalized to operate satisfactorily with an ambient temperature of up to 50°C

Virtually no maintenance cost

Environmentally friendly air and noise pollution free solution.


Flood irrigation of small fields

Drip irrigation for farms

Cattle watering

Water supply for small villages, schools, hospitals and homes.