The Platinum Series

  • Larger tank sizes provide more drawdown and improves pump performance.
  • Butyl Rubber Parabolic Diaphragm -Prevents rubbing on tank wall or rolling over on itself.
  • Direct connect diaphragm seal prevents any leakage between water and air chambers.
  • Powder coated water chamber provides maximum protection against corrosion.
  • Projection welded air valve with "0" ring cap seal for double protection.
  • Exclusive no-weld RUST-GUARD- base design assures proper paint coverage in the base area.
  • Two-piece construction (on many models) reduces welds on tanks.
  • Ultra-UV exterior powder finish offers the ultimate protection against the elements.
  • 5-year warranty

Air Charge Valve

  • Metal air valve with “O” ring cap seal for added protection
  • Projection welded

Powder Coated Exterior

  • Provides positive protection against corrosion
  • An attractive addition to any home
  • High UV resistance
  • Certified to ASTM Automotive Salt Test Standards

Butyl Rubber Parabolic Diaphragm

  • Eliminates rubbing the tank wall or rolling over on itself
  • Strong and flexible with smooth operation for long life

Double Draw Uniweld Design
allows two piece construction
Interior Powder Coating

  • Powder coating permanently bonded to the shell
  • Proven protection against internal corrosion
  • Eliminates clinch rings and plastic liners

Exclusive no-weld RUST-GUARD™
Steel Base

  • Eliminates weld in the base area
  • Reduces corrosion in the base or lower tank
The charts below allow you to easily select the right PermaAir SBD Series tank for standard-size pumps between 2-1/2 and 30 gallons in capacity and for 20-40 PSI, 30-50 PSI and 40-60 PSI pressure ranges. Minimum run times shown (from
start-up) are 1 minute, 1-1/2 minutes and 2 minutes. For
example, for a system that delivers 10 GPM at 30-50 PSI, with a minimum run time of 1 minute, Chart 1 indicates that the proper tank is the SBD-36S.


SBD Series Free-Standing Tank Selection Chart



Chart 2 – Drawdown Volume Multiplier (Approximate)


Chart 3 – Drawdown in Gallons


If proper tank selection cannot be made using Chart 1, follow
this procedure. First, find the “drawdown multiplier” by
matching the pump start-up and shut-off pressures on Chart 2.
For example, the multiplier for a 30-50 PSI pressure range is .31.


Next, insert the pump GPM capacity and desired minimum
run time into this formula:
To assume dependable drawdown volumes, and in keeping
with present industry practice, drawdowns are based on
Boyle’s Law. For example, using a 10 GPM pump, a one-minute

minimum run time, and a 30-50 PSI pressure range, the formula
is as follows:
Then, using Chart 3, select the tank that has a minimum
volume that meets or exceeds your minimum volume
requirement and supplies adequate drawdown at the required
pressure range. Minimum drawdown equals Pump GPM X
Minimum Run Time. Therefore,
in the above example, select
the SBD-36S 36-gallon tank. It provides adequate drawdown at
30-50 PSI.




SBD Free-Standing Series

The standard front-entry installation. Gauge, relief valve and
pressure switch are installed in front of tank.



SBD Free-Standing Series
with Pump Mounted on Tank*


The pump can be mounted on the tank
using a universal mounting base. The
pump can be attached to the top of
either a vertical or horizontal tank. For
installation convenience, the horizontal
series is available with pump mount and
legs factory installed.